How to Choose the Best Plastic Injection Manufacturer

How to Choose the Best Plastic Injection Manufacturer

What Materials Can Contractors Recycle From Demolition Projects?

by Christy Douglas

Although a good deal of the material from old structures is not recycled and ends up in landfill waste sites, demolition contractors are more engaged in recycling and salvage efforts than ever before. This is partly down to all businesses in the construction industry being more environmentally conscious than they used to be, but it also comes down to simple economics. Many of the materials found on building sites have a dollar value that means just throwing them away no longer makes sense. What are the recyclable materials that demolition firms are on the lookout for when they carry out their work?


Timber salvage has been a longstanding part of what demolition firms do. From roof purlins to floorboards, timber of all kinds can be put to new uses elsewhere. In many cases, high-quality wood that might be found in doors or partitions is not even removed from the building site. So long as it is structurally sound, it can be repurposed on site when the new building goes up. Older sections of wood or those which have been treated in certain ways which makes them unsuited to a new purpose are removed and then recycled at a processing plant, notably into new products like plywood.


You might think that there is little call for second-hand brickwork but the fact is that recycled bricks are used in all sorts of applications. Bricks that have been removed carefully and stacked can be used in new buildings with few problems. In fact, older bricks are often desirable for renovation and extension projects where the look of each brick needs to blend with whatever is there already. Even damaged bricks can be put to use as hard core, a type of filler that is used to level out ground onto which roads and driveways are subsequently constructed.


Various metals are used in the construction industry within buildings, and any that remains in place as a structure comes to the end of its useful life will have a second-hand value that means it should not be overlooked. Steel, so commonly used as load-bearing girders within buildings, is among the most common metal to be removed from building sites in order to be reprocessed. Another high-value metal that will often be carefully accounted for is aluminium, which tends to be used for window and door frames. Both of these metals can be recycled with little effort or additional energy consumption.


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How to Choose the Best Plastic Injection Manufacturer

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