How to Choose the Best Plastic Injection Manufacturer

How to Choose the Best Plastic Injection Manufacturer

Renovating Industrial Spaces: 3 Vital Pieces of Equipment

by Christy Douglas

If you have decided to remodel your industrial space by laying new concrete, it is vital that you have the equipment you need to get the job done quickly and safely. When dismantling an industrial space, it is highly likely you will need to deal with a lot of concrete surfaces.

Concrete is a super tough and robust material which makes it the perfect choice for industrial manufacturing plants. However, the material's toughness can also make it a nightmare to remove. Below is a guide to the equipment you will need to remove old concrete and prep the surface for new material.

1. Concrete Scarifier

A concrete scarifier is a machine which features a cutting wheel which is tipped with sharp protrusions which bite down into the surface of the concrete. As this wheel rotates at high-speed, the protrusions on the cutting wheel begin to cut into the surface of the concrete so that it begins to break down. There is a range of different sized cutting wheels which feature different types of protrusions such as hardened steel, diamond tipped or tungsten carbide, so it is important that you see the advice of an equipment supplier to ensure you purchase or hire a concrete scarifier which is right for you.

2. Concrete Breaker

If you are trying to remove a very thick section of concrete, you may find that it takes a long time to do so using a concrete scarifier. This is because a scarifier only attacks the surface of the concrete so you will need to repeatedly move the machine over the concrete to break down each level of the surface. If this is too time-consuming, a concrete breaker may be a better option.

A concrete breaker is a large pneumatic hammer which uses brute force to crack the surface of the concrete and to separate it into smaller chunks. Concrete breakers can also be fitted with different shaped attachments depending on the type of work you are carrying out, so it is always best to seek advice before hiring or purchasing one.

3. Trench Rammer

Once you have used a scarifier or breaker to remove the concrete, you need to prepare the ground so that new concrete can be poured onto it. The best way to do this is to use a trench rammer. A trench rammer is a pneumatic tool similar to a concrete breaker, only it is fitted with a flat plate which compresses soil so that it is perfectly smooth.

If you would like more advice, contact a tool and equipment supplier today.


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How to Choose the Best Plastic Injection Manufacturer

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