How to Choose the Best Plastic Injection Manufacturer

How to Choose the Best Plastic Injection Manufacturer

Steel Fabrication for Heating a Tiny Home

by Christy Douglas

When you start on your tiny home design, you may notice the lack of heating option. In most cases, people who are designing their own tiny home or converting a camper to a tiny home will create their own heating options. These heating options can be partially bought, but most of the parts and pieces are made through steel fabrication methods. Here are some steel fabrication options that can help with creating the heating for your tiny home.

Stove Pipes

One of the issues that you may have with heating your tiny home is finding the right size stovepipes. You may narrow down your options to a small pot belly or cube style stove. These stoves are generally for small cabins or for yurts and tents. This means the exhaust pipes are either too small or too large for tiny homes. A steel fabrication contractor can create the stove pipe that you need along with the flashing and mounting that can help you install the pipes and connect them to the heating element of your choice. This ensures you have the customized size for your needs without the risk of leaks or fire damage.

Heating Enclosures

If you are going with a hybrid butane and wood burning heater, then you will need a safety enclosure. This enclosure generally fits around three sides of the heating device. It is similar to what you will find with traditional fireplaces. The enclosure helps to reduce the chances of fire if sparks do exist in the heating device. Keep in mind, sparks can occur from both wood burning and butane heating sources, so the enclosure is a safety step. Your steel fabrication contractor can help create smaller versions of traditional enclosures. They can also design them to fit the area in which you are placing the heating element.

Wood Stove Heating Compartments

You may have the design for a wood stove in mind, but you don't have all the parts. Your steel fabrication contractor can fabricate the parts you need. These can be everything from the main compartment to the handles on the heater. In fact, some fabrication contractors can create the full heating system for you with the right amount of time and design resources. This is ideal if you need a totally customizable option.

These are just a few of the ways you can use steel fabrication to help heat a tiny home. If you have any project ideas, contact your steel fabrication contractor. They can take your ideas, turn them into blueprints, and create the elements of your tiny home heating system. They can also help with pricing and with other steel fabrication projects you have.


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How to Choose the Best Plastic Injection Manufacturer

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