How to Choose the Best Plastic Injection Manufacturer

How to Choose the Best Plastic Injection Manufacturer

Three of the Most Common Oil Flushes and When to Use Them

by Christy Douglas

The condition of the oil in the machinery used for industrial manufacturing determines not only the efficiency of the machinery but also their durability. Oil flushing is a process that exists to ensure that the condition of the oil being used to run the systems is clean, that there is no oxide layer forming inside the machinery and that the systems do not stop functioning because of dirty oil. There are many types of oil flushes that you can perform on your industrial system. Here, are the three most common types and why you may need them.

The circulation filtration flush

This type is the kind of flush that you opt for when you want to clean the oil without shutting down the processing systems. The process involves external filtration that runs in the reservoir. It is the ideal oil flush to apply when you are performing annual maintenance, but you have limited time and scope. The method will, however, not work well in situations where the outage has pipe breaks of the bearing housing. 

The rinse or purge

This method is not as popular as the first one, but it is still prevalent when you are filling the system with a neutral fluid or when you need a complete oil change. The process starts with draining the entire system and refilling it to the minimum level of circulation. It is the best flushing method to apply when you are changing all the lubricant or when changing cleaners and dispensers. Note that the systems will stop their normal function during the flush, and it needs to be scheduled ahead of time.

The system flush

This is the third common oil flush in manufacturing. It utilises system pumps and requires you to install jumper hoses around all the components which could be ruined by the flushing process. The process is ideal in situations where light maintenance work is in progress and does not work well in situations where the unit is critical in the production process.

Oil flushes are the best way to ensure that your manufacturing equipment is working at optimum efficiency. The flushing method you use is determined by your systems, the maintenance downtime that you are allowed and the desired result. If you aren't sure about the approach to employ, consult an industrial maintenance professional to assist you with the inspection, recommendation and other support throughout the process. 


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How to Choose the Best Plastic Injection Manufacturer

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